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Car Tire Bargains - Your Discount Tire Store "Cheap Tires, not Cheap Quality"

We know what you're thinking: discount tires are poor or lower quality tires. We get this everyday. People believe that discount tires are factory seconds or rejects, used tires or ones returned from customers. At Car Tire Bargains we understand where this might come from, as in our more than 50 years of business we've seen there fly by night tire discounters come and mostly go. We sell quality name brand tires and discount prices, not cheap junk or used retreads. Hunt around, you can find those cheap tires on other sites, but we don't advise actually buying anything there.

If you don't sell used tires, where do you get such great bargains?

We get our get quality tires direct from the manufacturer. They are the same tires available to dealers everywhere, but with our long time relationship with the best makers of quality tires, we get a great deal on great quality tires. The tires we have overstock models, over runs, or tire made specially for us but without the branding. All quality ties, and indistinguishable from the exact same models other dealers sell at twice the price. As we say, cheap tires, not cheap quality.

We Stand By Every Tire

Made from the best quality rubber, here in the USA, we stand by each and every tire we sell. Not only do we stand by them, but each tire comes with the full manufacturers warranty. Most discount tire sellers can't offer a manufacturers warranty, but since we've been dealing with the tire makers for over 50 years, we can. We sell such good quality tires, we rarely have returns, and when we do, replacements are shipped out the same day. We want you to be happy, yes, but we also want you to be safe. This is why we give you great tires at greats prices, but also why we stand by what we sell.

What Kind of Car Tires Do We Sell?

What kind of car do you have? Really, we're not being flippant, we just sell a lot of tires for nearly every make and model of vehicle that rolls down the road. We have a feature on all of our tire pages where choose the make and model of your vehicle and we let you know the tire we have available for you car. We have winter tires (snow tires), all season tires (all weather tires)

We have tires to fit every make and model, from your compact or family car, to your truck or SUV. Our crew is standing by to answer question or to take your order. We can even help give you some advice on the kind of tires you my need.

To Shop, simply enter the make and model of your vehicle and pick the size and brand of tire you desire for your vehicle.